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CGWS Coaching Staff

Phil Donihe - Head Coach

Growing up, I swam for Carpet Capital Aquatics Club, Scenic City Aquatic Club and The McCallie School in Chattanooga, TN. I found my love for teaching and coaching swimming as a teenager, working with students of various skill levels. I studied exercise science at The University of Tennessee in Knoxville where I served as the Student Assistant Strength Coach and Head Manager for the Men's swim team. I spent my time working with the swimmers on underwater video analysis and dryland training to enhance their understanding of efficient utilization of gravity. I became a true student of General Movement Theory when I began working at La Palestra, The Center for Preventative Medicine in Manhattan, NY. We applied an integrated approach to wellness by using Internists, Physical Therapists, Chiropractors, Nutritionists, Behavioral Therapists, and Personal Trainers. My clientele ranged from actors and athletes (with a big focus on swimmers & triathletes), to cardiac and orthopedic rehab. I then moved back to Chattanooga to pursue my true passion as a full-time swim coach and apply the knowledge I had gained to the swimming community. I formerly served as an age group coach for a local USA swim team and as head coach for the FTO Marlins. Today, I proudly act as the head coach for the Catoosa Great White Sharks. In September of 2017 I launched the year-round USA team, Great White Shark Aquatics. I believe that true Champions are developed through the reinforcement of positive character qualities and a healthy, balanced lifestyle.

Brennon Pamplin - Assistant Coach

In addition to swimming at Baylor School, my background includes martial arts, wrestling, track and field, and gymnastics. As a movement specialist, I aim to design programs that build the athletes from the inside-out. While I place a heavy focus on total body range of motion and flexibility, I incorporate hand-balancing, tumbling, gymnastics, Olympic rings, stretch cords, and martial arts into the program design for all age groups. Drawing on personal experience with rehabilitating my own case of scoliosis and spondilolisthesis, I apply a preventative approach to injury by placing a heavy focus on strengthening body line and posture in all athletes. I currently run the strength training program for Great White Shark Aquatics and coach the Manta Ray and Sail Fish groups. I am looking forward to meeting many new swimmers and families this summer!

Stephanie Pamplin - Age Group Coach

With a competitive cheerleading background and as a current student of general movement theory & massage therapy, I coach individuals of all ages to perform gymnastics, acrobatics, hand balancing, and to swim competitively. With my current focus on youth and love for children and having fun, I have been working with the year-round age-group program at Great White Shark Aquatics. Due to their natural fascination with climbing, swinging, tumbling, and moving on dry land, I have drawn on my knowledge from other disciplines to teach the concepts and techniques in ways that children can more easily relate to. This enables me to work on their level and have fun, keeping them interested and motivated for the long haul as their skills develop. 

Brandon Edge - Age Group Coach

This will be my second year as a coach for Catoosa Great White Sharks and there’s nothing I enjoy more than sharing my knowledge and passion for swimming with the younger swimmers on the team. Igraduated from Lakeview-Fort Oglethorpe High School last year and I am planning on attending Chattanooga State this fall to major in Computer Science. I swam for the Fort Oglethorpe Marlins for 10 years. During this time, I also swam year-round for at first Baylor and then finally settled at McCallie. My favorite events revolve around butterfly and the individual medley. I have been a state qualifier for both GRPA and the Georgia High School Association Swimming. I hope to inspire them to make and achieve their goals while remaining a caring and compassionate coach that they trust and respect.

Evan Moeller

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